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The National Soccer League was founded by Milton Galvan in 2008, in Miami, Florida.

Mr. Galvan started his soccer career playing as a goalkeeper in his native Uruguay. In his early days he played for several professional teams, including the 2020 Uruguayan championship runner up Rentistas.

Mr. Galvan founded the Miami Tango Soccer Club in 1980. The last tournaments won by the Miami Tango before its dissolution were Florida State Champion, in 2004 and US Open Cup Florida Champion, in 2005.

In his Miami Tango days, as a manager and coach, Mr. Galvan observed the lack of federated leagues that were affordable to play in and accessible to all players that shared his passion for soccer.

He started by founding the Miami Soccer League in 2005 and expanding nationwide with the National Soccer League just three years later.

The best Soccer in United States

Today, the NSL is one of the most solid pro-development leagues in the U.S. and it attracts hundreds of players and coaches that want to fulfill their potential and take a shot at becoming professional players. The NSL is well known for attracting talent seekers from many renowned teams and organizations worldwide that are constantly looking for new additions to American and foreign soccer teams. As a matter of fact, we have successfully transferred many players through our associated agencies. All teams that play in the league are independently owned and operated.  Furthermore, because of the partnership between the NSL and USSSA, the league teams qualify to play in the oldest tournament in the country, the prestigious Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.

The league operates year-round and has three main divisions:




The Elite division is one of the most competitive in it’s class and holds maximum standards.

Upon Milton Galvan’s passing in July of 2022, his brother, Dr. Kadir Galvan, took over as commissioner of NSL. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he is following on Milton’s footsteps, bringing many exiting additions to the league as it promises to be more fun and rewording than ever for its players and coaches.

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